ISBN: 978-3-00-031398-1

Publisher: Kolegium Języka i Kultury Polski

1 edition 2010

Paperback: 128 pages

Prefect binding miękka (PB)

Product dimensions: 21 x 27.5

Series: AKTUALIZACJE Polish as a Foreign Language

Level: A1 + A1+



Authors:: Agnieszka Jasińska, Aneta Szymkiewicz, Małgorzata Małolepsza

"Polski w pracy" Student’s book with a CD and interactive program is a perfect help to acquire the basics of Polish necessary at work and in everyday life. 15 lessons provide various communication situations. They contain authentic dialogs, suitable exercises, lists of the most useful vocabulary and clearly organized grammar tables

The set includes a course book, a CD and an interactive CD-ROM with additional pronunciation exercises (mp3 format), drills and tests with self-check option. The course book is aimed at students who have already completed 60-80 hours of learning Polish.

“Polski w pracy” – a course book written by authors of popular “Hurra!!! Po polsku” series.
Does your job require speaking Polish? Do you live or work in Poland? Our cutting-edge book for sure will be useful for you at work and in everyday life.

Who is the course book “Polski w pracy” designed for?

It is designed for adult foreigners who have completed 60-80 hours of learning Polish during a course or for those who have picked up a little Polish because they live in Poland and have some contact with Polish people. The course books focuses on special needs of those who use Polish at work.

Communication approach used in the book makes speaking Polish easier. The choice of communication situations in the book is based on the research carried out among foreigners living and working in Poland.

POLSKI W PRACY “Polski w pracy” also teaches how to communicate in everyday situations for example: at the petrol station, at the hairdresser’s, during a conversation with a landlord or a plumber. Situations connected with the work place are not attributed only to one profession. Every person working in Poland or working with the Polish can find something for themselves. There are some dialogs and exercises containing vocabulary from various walks of life: trade, industry, finances, tourism, education etc. We teach how to organize a conference, write a request for a leave or an official e-mail.

The course book contains 15 lessons.
Each lesson is based on the same pattern.

– IDEAS – warm-up
– PRESENTATION – introducing new material
– IMPLEMENTATION – implementation exercises
– PRACTICE - drills
– PRODUCTION– language practice
– BALANCE SHEET - grammar issues and a list of vocabulary

This division develops language subsystems: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and spelling, and skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension.

Sample lesson

Agnieszka Jasińska - Polski w pracy lekcja_5_1 Agnieszka Jasińska - Polski w pracy lekcja_5_2Agnieszka Jasińska - Polski w pracy lekcja_5_3

Agnieszka Jasińska - Polski w pracy lekcja_5_4 Agnieszka Jasińska - Polski w pracy lekcja_5_5 Agnieszka Jasińska - Polski w pracy lekcja_5_6


The textbook dołączona jest płyta CD, która składa się z 2 części:

– audio CD - recordings for the exercises in the course book “Polish at Work”, they are supposed to be completed together with the course book with teacher’s guidance recordings for exercises from the textbook "POLSKI W PRACY" POLSKI W PRACY, przeznaczone do nauki z podręcznikiem, pod kierunkiem lektora

an interactive CD-ROM – additional help for a student and a teacher with pronunciation exercises (mp3 format), interactive exercises, check-ups which can be completed by students individually at home because there is a self-check option – dodatkowa pomoc dla studenta i nauczyciela z Ćwiczeniami wymowy w formacie mp3, Ćwiczeniami interaktywnymi oraz Testami sprawdzającymi, które studenci mogą wykonywać samodzielnie w domu dzięki opcji autokorekty.


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