ISBN 978-83-958401-2-8
Paperback: 142 pages
1 edition 2021
Prefect binding, dimensions: 17,5cm x 25cm
Level: A2-B2

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We are presenting a unique and long-awaited course book.

„Polski dla nas 1” is a collection of Polish grammar exercises for the East Slavic pupils and students. The author of the book dr Dominika Izdebska – Długosz is an experienced teacher and a scientist focused on this particular group of learners.

„Polski dla nas1 ” contains over 250 exercises on Polish declension and syntax. The exercises guide the learner through all the grammatical cases and put emphasis on lexical connections: verbs with nouns and pronouns with nouns in particular. These are the connections in which Eastern learners make mistakes most often.

Each lesson consists of similar modules. It starts with the revision of declensions, then we proceed to inter-linguistic analysis of lexical connections, grammar drills and translation exercises

The collection also contains numerous sentences with authentic errors typical for this particular group of learners. Working on those examples brings great results in shaping linguistic correctness and enforces motivation for further learning.

The exercises are diversified and richly illustrated.

The book is intended for A2-B2 levels. It can be used in the classroom, but it is also suitable for individual learning. Majority of the exercises contain answer key.

We can guarantee you will be satisfied with the course book „Polski dla nas 1”. It is a must-have for all those who want to speak and write in Polish fluently.

Polecamy również webinarium z Autorką, podczas którego objaśnia zasady nauczania gramatyki w grupach uczniów ze Wschodu. Link do nagrania z webinarium.

You will find the content and fragments of sample lessons below.


Sample pages:


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