Połącz kropki


A course book for individual and active learning of grammar Levels A2-B1

“Połącz kropki” contains 200 grammar exercises which are integrated with communication exercises



Why “Połącz kropki”?

Because the learner:

- can connected the knowledge and skills acquired earlier with new issues
- can connect major and minor problem within one grammar item
- can connect learning and revising of grammar with communication activities
- can connect learning of grammar with preparation for A2 and B1 certificate exams in Polish
poziomie A2 i B1,
- can connect learning with self-evaluation

All of these can be achieved individually or with just a small teacher’s guidance.

All the exercises in „Połącz kropki”

- teach logical reasoning and autonomy in language acquisition
- boost the learner’s potential
- are supposed to prove that Polish grammar is well-organized and clearly described
- show practical usage of Polish grammar and the fact that efficient communication can be improved by learning grammar
skuteczne porozumiewanie się,
- allow to monitor individual progress and to carry our regular systematic self-evaluation

Polecamy również webinarium z Autorką, podczas którego prezentowane są propozycje nauczania gramatyki języka polskiego. Link do nagrania z webinarium.

An extended description of the course book can be found here.

Why “Połącz kropki"? a film footage part 1

Why “Połącz kropki"? a film footage part 2

Why “Połącz kropki"? a film footage part 3

"Połącz kropki" and preparation for the B1 certificate exam


A sample lesson

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ISBN: 978-83-958401-0-4
Paperback: 112 pages
1 edition (2020)
Product dimensions: 18 x 25 x 1 cm, weight: 0.3 kg
Level: A2-B1

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Weight 0,33 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 1 cm
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