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1 edition: 2021

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The book is called "Łowcy słów" (Word Hunters) because it is the postulated and most important role of each of its users. Popular science texts are the main area of exploration in the textbook. The book treats them primarily as a source of new vocabulary. Texts allow the observation of words in their natural surroundings and help to organize them. On the other hand, each popular science article is a great opportunity to develop reading or listening comprehension skills.

The author of the highly regarded „Studiologia” is convincing why is it worth learning Polish from popular science texts? To explain it well, we first need to define our linguistic goals. A person who wants to achieve the B2 level of linguistic independence should learn about 7-8 thousand words. These are, of course, the most frequently used words in Polish. Knowing them allows you to understand almost 90% of any text. There are minimum dictionaries for foreigners that list the most common lexis usually in the form of subject blocks. In addition to such categories as Food and drinks, Rest and sport or Travel and transport, there are also general and abstract concepts, examples of which are Cause, Purpose, Condition, Method, Process, Relation, etc. Popular science text is a great opportunity to learn about official, erudite and abstract lexis, which helps to express various thought processes and intellectual activity. It is the part of the language that native speakers learn through participation in the education system. Educated Poles use it on a daily basis when they talk about their interests in the world of science and technology and their latest achievements.

The book contains 15 chapters devoted to various interesting sciences. Each of them has the sections Linguistic Warming Up, Finding and Understanding, and Remembering and Applying. Working with popular science texts consists in searching for thematic vocabulary related to individual sciences, linguistic structures expressing various ways of thinking and scientific cognition (such as process description, classification, presentation of statistical data), grammatical forms typical of this style, and allows you to practice various techniques and reading or listening and comprehension strategies. The exploration of each two consecutive chapters of the textbook ends with a revision part. It includes many additional exercises, similar to the book's website. Such an organization of the textbook enables lexical recycling - frequent reversion to new words and structures for better understanding and consolidation. An important part of the handbook are e-materials available on the website https://www.studiologia.edu.pl/lowcy, where there are many exercises, online quizzes, videos and listening materials. These resources are open to anyone interested under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

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"Łowcy słów" textbook helps to develop general and linguistic competences, deepen knowledge about the world, and to talk and write on interesting topics, practice reading comprehension skills, including the use of various reading or listening techniques and strategies. Everyone will find something interesting and inspiring in it, be it from the world of nature (chapters Microbiology, Sozology, Astronomy), history of civilization (Archeology, Egyptology, Anthropology), or technology (IT, Robotics). The textbook helps in crossing the boundaries of everyday communication in a colloquial style towards finding oneself in the world of a more difficult, but more sophisticated, erudite language that proves a higher level of advancement.

From the review of dr hab. Anna Seretna, prof. of the Jagiellonian University

"Łowcy słów" is a new, extremely interesting and very valuable help to learn Polish as a foreign language. It is a book for all learners who, having learned the everyday language, would like to go on a lexical journey into the world of science. This textbook perfectly introduces them to the meanders of thematic vocabulary in an unusual way in Polish language teaching, namely through reading carefully selected popular science texts from various fields. Words, phrases and expressions "caught" in them are to enable lexical travelers to get to know the world of science and allow them to express themselves with greater boldness and confidence about its latest achievements. The textbook is amazing with its richness, creativity and variety of exercises, especially lexical ones. Their presence will provide learners with multiple and varied contact with the lexical material, so important at the B level. It seems that after their execution, they will be full of words.

From the review of Dr. Agnieszka Jasińska

I fully recommend "Łowcy słów" textbook to all who are serious about taking up education in Poland. This book is addressed mainly to future students, but I am sure that the transparency of the argument, the selection of texts and exercises can also convince foreign high school students who start their education in Poland. The recipient of Word Hunters will receive a set of interesting, important texts with numerous and varied tasks developing linguistic communication skills in terms of vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. I hope that the textbook will find many sympathizers and even enthusiasts.

Each teacher who orders at least 10 textbooks will receive:
  • set of 5 tests including material correlated with 5 repetitio parts,
  • mid-term and semester exam.


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