Agnieszka Jasińska prezentacja

      My name is Agnieszka Jasińska. I work at the Pedagogical University of Cracowwhere I teach teaching method of Polish as a foreign language and I run Polish courses for foreigners. I am a co-author of many course books and teaching aids, among which the most important are "Hurra Po polsku 2" and “Hurra!!! Po polsku 3”. I have also created a business Polish course book entitled “Polski w pracy” and a set of posters “O Polsce po polsku”. The latter ones provide a pleasant combination of learning about culture and Polish reality with language exercises.

   As a senior lecturer in the Department of Polish as a Foreign Language in the Institute of Polish Philology at the Pedagogical University I have published numerous scientific works and some articles about popular aspects of science. I mainly focus on methodology of teaching Polish as a foreign language, grammar, issues concerning bilingualism, multilingualism and broadly defined interculture.

    I used to teach French and Italian because I completed the university course of Romance languages. I speak French, Italian and English fluently, and my Serbian and Croatian are pretty good. My passion are languages, literature and travelling. I am also a connoisseur of good wine. In my opinion similarities among people are much more common than differences, language and culture can work as a proof.

       On my website I want to share my experiences connected with teaching Polish as a foreign language and generally I want to write about everything connected with languages. I would love to get to know your stories connected with the subject.

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