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"Postaw kropkę" is a compilation of texts on culture including over 150 communication exercises for teaching Polish as a second or foreign language on A2-B1 levels.

It is a useful aid in developing both speaking and writing language communication competences, based on the most important and up-to-date texts describing Poland and its reality.

In the book, students learning Polish will find a wide range of items concerning the history of Polish language, life in contemporary Poland, Polish cuisine and well-known Polish people, including those living abroad. They will also find out which first names are the most popular and what are the most common superstitions.

Each text contains numerous exercises on speaking and writing and a complete novelty on Polish market – exercises on mediating.

The offer concerning mediating meets the new guidelines set by the Council of Europe and concerning teaching languages. The guidelines focus particularly on the abilities of transforming the text (mediating a text), cooperation in multilingual environment (mediating communication) and team work aimed at explaining concepts (mediating a concept).

The book also contains a wide range of exercises to monitor student’s progress in a conscious and consequent manner. That is why apart from regular revisions, it contains numerous further tips for self-assessment.

Why “Postaw kropkę - a film footage

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